So you’ve updated to WordPress 4.8 or newer and find that your Text Widget is no longer the same or super media friendly. Looking further into it, you’ve come to the realization that there is now video and image widgets to have a dedicated section for adding new sidebar media!


Until you try to add an image that links to something.

How exactly does it work these days?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s take a look.

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is navigate to the Appearance\Widgets section of your WordPress install:

Next up, you’ll need to actually add the widget to your website. This can be added into any of the areas which you have that allow widgets. I’ll use the sidebar as an example as most people tend to use this area. You’ll want to find the Widget called Image in your list of widgets on the left. You can either manually drag it to the Sidebar section, or click on it, select Sidebar, and press the Add Widget button at the bottom.

On the right side, looking in the Sidebar it will now list the Image widget. You can grab where it says Image with your mouse and move it to the location in the sidebar which you will want it at. After that you’ll see it displayed like this:

Now to select the image, click the Add Image button. This will allow you to upload an image or pick one which is already in your Media Library. Once you select an image, BEFORE you click on “Add to Widget” is where you’ll need to add the link. (You can always go back and edit it after the fact.)

What you’ll need to do is select the Link To area which defaults to None and change it to Custom URL:

Click Add to Widget and you’re good to go! The only problem with it at this time is that the widget will not give you the option of the link opening in a new tab instead of the current one. Hopefully, that is a change we’ll see in a future iteration of WordPress.

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