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Getting Ready to Move to a New Place for Your Career

Moving can be an exciting prospect, particularly if you’re moving because of a new career change. There are several ways you can save money and have a more enjoyable experience, but you’ll also need to be careful to avoid certain pitfalls that can cost you valuable time and unnecessary money. Red Gear Works explains how to get ready for a major move.

Preparing for the Move

A large part of relocating is being sure that you’re familiar with the area. If you have children, scoping out schools will be a big task, and if possible, you want to find a well-rated school that isn’t too far from your work or place of business. You’ll also need to make arrangements for pets, special health needs, the transportation of particularly valuable items, and getting the necessary time off work to make the move. See if your employer offers relocation services, as they can automate a lot of this process.

Evaluate the Market and What You Can Afford

Developing a sound knowledge of the real estate environment you’ll be moving into will empower your search for homes that are within your budget and that fit your needs. Knowing what you can afford going into this process will ensure you don’t end up house poor. To effectively gauge what you can pay each month for a mortgage, carefully assess your budget and expenses, then use a mortgage loan calculator to pinpoint what you can expect to pay. Remember, this amount is subject to change; however, a rough estimate is all you need in the beginning. 

Consider an As-Is Home

Buying a home “as is” can be a very smart strategy to save money and get a deal if you’re willing to pay for improvements. If you do this, be sure to hire an inspector and evaluate land records to make sure there aren’t large issues with the foundation, utilities, structure, or other elements that could be very costly to fix or hinder your ability to resell the home at a later date. Consulting with a lawyer is also important for this process, so you can avoid any issues involving legal recourse if there are problems during or after the purchase.

Hiring Professional Help

In order to have the most enjoyable experience you can, you’ll need to select an area that can support a high quality of life based on the income you’ll have at your new position (or continued position). Consulting with a real estate agent may be a good idea if you want a professional to give you an in-depth overview of the area.

In addition to a real estate agent, don’t hesitate to hire professional movers that can make your move easier. A moving company can save you a lot of time, make your move safer, and protect you from damage to your furniture, or at least insure it in case it does take damage.

Avoid Last-Minute Delays and Costly Mistakes

Tending closely to your move timeline is necessary in order to avoid problems that waste your money. Be sure that your new home will be ready for a move-in as soon as you arrive, or close after. Being very thorough about any pre-move-in repairs that need to take place at your home of purchase is crucial because costly repairs can drag on for quite some time.

Moving Can Be Very Fulfilling

You can have a highly positive experience moving for your career if you prepare accordingly. Check out the community, carefully assess what you can afford, do your research on any property you purchase, and recruit professional help where possible to reduce the stress involved.