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How to Design Your Home Office to Promote Productivity

Home office environments that are distracting, cluttered, or poorly lit can negatively impact your productivity and ruin your work-from-home experience. Your home office should be a space where you feel comfortable and focused! Investing in a few home office upgrades will quickly pay off in improvements to your productivity. Ready to give your home office a makeover? The marketing experts at Red Gear Works put together the following resources to help you out!


Focus on Functionality Over Aesthetics

While it’s important that your home office looks inviting, functionality is the most important element in productive office design. Incorporate features that will accommodate your work before you get creative with the decor.

  • Maximize energy-boosting natural light in your home office by searching Angi for well-reviewed window washers near me to make them sparkle.
  • Ensure adequate storage space for all of your office supplies.
  • Purchase a supportive office chair instead of settling for that trendy but uncomfortable chair you saw on Pinterest.


Pay Attention to Your Personal Workflow

You can find a lot of helpful design resources online. Just remember to customize your design for your personal needs!

  • If you get distracted easily, consider having your desk face a wall rather than a window.
  • However, as mentioned, make sure you’re getting plenty of natural light, as this can help regulate your mood and keep your stress levels down.
  • Consider the type of work you will be doing when choosing a desk type and size.
  • If your work involves a lot of heavy internet use, learn how to boost your internet speeds


Decorate with Work in Mind

It’s easy to let fun decorative pieces take over your desk and shelving units, but clutter is not conducive to productivity. Incorporate design elements that make you feel energized and motivated!

  • Optimize your work environment so it’s conducive to your health. Stock filtered water, keep healthy snacks and add a few potted plants for ambience. 
  • Paint the walls in colors that make you feel calm and focused
  • Learn how to arrange decor on your office shelves for optimal balance.
  • Aim for a minimalist desk setup and keep clutter at bay.


Creating the perfect home office is all about balancing design with functionality. You want the space to feel both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. By combining decor trends, organizational strategies, and office ergonomics, you can design the optimal space to work from home!

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